We believe that brands are not just an identity but your legacy

You must be the change you want to see in the world.

~Mahatma Gandhi 

We have made it our mission to help you "BRAND YOUR LEGACY"

In an era where our economy is depended on the establishment and sustainability of a small to medium sized entities, Ordinary individuals are venturing in to entrepreneurship to attain financial freedom and to bring about needed change. “Entrepreneurs are hungry for all the help they can get”.

LBM has positioned itself to make easy the jeanery of the entrepreneur by affording a chance for one to put their best face forward by affordably investing life into a brand.

Our Story

Living brands media was founded and is run by Phephisile Mathizerd who defines herself as a Socio-Impact Entrepreneur and is in the pursuit of using business and entrepreneurship to answer social problems with in communities.

To find the necessary skills and support she joined the Awethu Incubation team. During her 6 months incubation she formalized LBM, developed an inherent service offering that is fashioned to meet the need of LBM’s niche market.

To allowing “business to meet socio-entrepreneurship” she set up Young Africa; a wing to LBM that focuses on invested solutions to communal ills.

Young Africa fosters three projects currently.

MAN– a second chance program for young males (MAN seeks to define man hood in a positive manner)

Happy Faces– orphanage based project that encourages the building of stable and healthy interactions between communities and orphaned children through regular visits filled with fun, games and learning to the chosen centers      

WOW (Woman of Worth)- a past matric readiness program for grade 12 female learners, that focus on elements of career selection, femininity, peer-pressure and sexuality

Our Vision

Our Vision








The brand is the first thing with which the market identifies with your business. In the market your brand is your first impression.

Through our creative and engaging process we have made it a point to help you make your first impression a lasting one.

“We make your brand your advantage”


The age of business has changes.

LBM places value in the human element, we are passionate with developing entrepreneurship and individuals that can play an active role in making a meaning full contribution in communities and to our country.

By doing business with us you are helping us impact and empower the future, “the youth”.




For most businesses the branding process can be daunting, we have put processes and systems in place to allow you the most fun and pleasant experience whilst doing business with us.

Picture a team of creative professionals working effortless to help you make the meanest sandwich in the market, yes the meanest sandwich.

You probably are imagining it now; cool, that the level of fun we will be adding to the equation.