What does it mean to be a Headdoek’s & Gear Brand Ambassador?

Do you embody our Values?

We have taken the time and through a deep thinking process we believe a suitable candidate possess our following values:
These form the core of what it means to be part of our BA Team and is the first we look for in a candidate.


Are you entrepreneurial?

We are looking for self-driven candidates, who want to spread our vision and can establish themselves as distributors for the brand whilst making money.  
As a distributor you will be profiled on our website and this will streamed lined on to our social media platforms, this will help you in generating leads and making sales and also help with giving you exposure. Making it easy for people to know more about you, Tupperware and Avon are good examples of our model.
To make thing even simpler for you as a distributor you will be given business cards, in addition to your online profile this will give you extra credibility.


Fun is a huge part of what we do, Brand Ambassadors are required part of our team of models and all our photo-shoots.
The content taken will be used to enhance your profile and promote the brand
All content created is property of the brand.
Headdoek’s & Gear plans to host of empowerment and networking events, a selection from our Brand Ambassador team will be invited to attend at no cost.