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Headdoeks & Gear
Headdoeks & Gear
Headdoeks & Gear

  What inspires us?

Who you really!!! An African “Goddess”
The long forgotten, lost and fragile beauty embodied in Mother Africa is what inspired us.
A gift which many now see as expletive,
Royalty that is birthed though only the rarest shades of brown,
Ranging from monarch’s rich in melanin, to our curly coiled strands of hair, our very distinctive features that cream Africa.
What inspires us is the hope we have to restore the true and primordial meaning of African beauty.
What inspires us is who you really are!!! An African “Goddess”
                                                                                                                             ∼ Phephisile Mathizerd


We hope to do this through reminding our African queens of their true and rare beauty hence inspiring her to wear it like a crown and without shame, doubt or fear.


A gift from our generation to generations to come

A Bit About Us

Headdoeks & Gear

Our Values 

Simplicity                                                                                                               Beauty, Accentuate &  Accessorise 
Headdoek’s and GEAR is a brand that focus on simplistic elements of beauty, the focus is in accentuating and complementing what is already there. Headdoek’s and GEAR offers and teaches woman how to rock Headdoek’s and other accessories for different occasions. Headdoek’s and GEARwas founded and is owned by Phephisile Mathizerd.
Headdoeks & Gear
Headdoeks & Gear

What We Do

We sell a unique range of African print Headdoek’s for all occasions
We help you accessorise
We host workshops and tutorials to teach you how to Rock our doek’s  
Headdoeks & Gear
 Have what it take to be a 
Headdoek’s and Gear
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