Give your brand a voice!

let your market relate and associate with the core of what it is you and venture represent.

We are here to help you do this…


Not sure what it is that you actually looking for?

LBM will give you the game plan and pinpoint just the event right for your brand, looking at your needs.

As a result you will be equipped with an A to Z of to hosting your event; be it a brand lounge, promotional events, CSI marketing based events, any type of celebration as well as seminars or expos.

LBM will elevate your brand to the next level by helping you design the best event your brand needs

Events planning and management

You probably don’t have the time but want the best for your brand.

LBM will on your behalf roll its sleeves up

Diagnose the event for your brand, come up with the game plan, center all the recourses needed and host the event on your behalf.

In addition to this we will cover your event and create the needed hype through the use of social media.