LBM presents

“Young Africa”

“Our Future lies in the hands of the Young”

By investing in the young you invest in the future

Young Africa serves as the social wing to LBM, it focuses on invested solutions to communal ills by bringing together business, entrepreneurship, social cohesion and measurable impact. LBM Collective fosters three projects currently : MAN, Happy Faces and WOW (Woman Of Worth).


Being a young man in South Africa or Africa today is not the easiest of tasks.

On a day to day more than anyone else young man are faced with pressures defining man hood which are not ideal. In an environment where the reputation of what is it to be a man has and it still being painted with so many negatives. Young man find themselves trapped in the negative definition of what a man is.

MAN seeks to help young man redefine man hood by embarking on a journey of self-discovery and with support structures set in place help these young man make a series of positive decisions with the aim of allowing them to actively take charge of their life’s.

To build awareness and to raise funds LBM and Young Africa will be hosting a number of events relative to the project, look up our calendar below to join us.  

Happy Faces

LBM has made it a priority to invest time in putting a smile on a child’s face and we believe constancy is key.

In most cases orphaned children receive lots of love and smiles and in most cases sadly it’s temporal. We are all guilty of it! But LBM has a solution you can join on! Instead of arbitrarily stepping in and out of their life (that in most cases results in our children being exposed to unhealthy relationships due to people; in this case me and you, walking in and out of their lives and therefore creating inconsistency) we invite you to be that familiar face, someone they can share memories with, countless smiles too, someone they can look up to like an older sister, brother or just a friends.

This sound like a huge responsibility, I know! But guess what it’s not.

All we need is for you to be part of our data base and for you to give a day in your month toward putting a smile on child’s face through basic activities like movie nights, pizza days and our very own favorite reading, games and snacks day.

To be part of our data base drop an email below with the subject: Happy Faces

To raise funds towards school uniforms and stationaries we will be hosting an annual fashion show, look at our calendar to join us.

WOW (Woman of Worth)

This project was designed to ready grade 12 female learners for life after school, giving them an overview of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The objective is to equip them with a skill set that will allow them to have a positive approach towards identity, as well as groom them to become better decision makers hence allowing them balance in all aspects as they journey into the next level of their lives.

Living Brands Media and WOW will be hosting a young’s woman’s seminar during woman’s month , the seminar will feature motivational talks from industry leading woman across different industries, career guidance, life coaching sessions and lifestyle consultancy alongside fun filled events and much more.

Join us, look up our calendar below.